Name of Business: Everything Under One Roof Inc.
Trading Name:
Status: pending
Certification ID: LCSR-26a4e98f
Expiration Date: 2024-01-30
Address: 60 Amsville Housing Scheme, New Amsterdam, Berbice
Business email:
Business Website:
Business Tel: 683-3311
Types of Services Provided:
Accommodation Services (Apartments and houses), Equipment Rental (Crane and other heavy-duty machinery), Pipe Welding - Onshore, Pipe Sand Blasting and Coating - Onshore, Construction Work for Buildings Onshore, Waste Management - Disposal and Waste Transport Services (Non-Hazardous), Waste Management - Disposal and Waste Transport Services (Hazardous), Janitorial and Laundry Services, Catering Services, Food Supply, Administrative Support and Facilities Management Services, Customs Brokerage Services, Pest Control Exterminator Services, Cargo Management/Monitoring, Ship and Rig Chandlery Services, Borehole Testing Services, Transportation Services - Trucking and Movement of Personnel, Industrial Cleaning services (Onshore), Manpower and crewing Services, Local Accounting Services, Medical Services, Engineering and Machining, Local marketing and Advertising Services (public relations)